Tips for Travelers Going to Komodo Island in Indonesia

More and more travelers are going to the Komodo Island. This island is getting more and more famous because of that thing. For your information, most of those travelers are going to this island because there is Komodo, the giant lizard that can be considered as the descendant of a real living dragon, since the size of this animal can easily reach five to ten feet. If you are also interested in traveling to this island, then you might need to know these simple tips that you need to try. That is because the area of this island is a little bit remote and you will need to know these things first.

  • The first tip is that you need to pack everything to the smallest size. This one is important because when you are going to take the flight, you will only be able to find the small plane and that means you will have the limited space for the luggage. If you bring too many things with you, you can make sure that you will not be permitted to enter the small plane to go to this island.
  • The second tip is to prepare some of your medication if you have the seasickness. Basically, if you do not have any problem with sea traveling, then this one is not a problem. However, if you have a problem with sea travel, then you will need to prepare the medication. That is because when you are traveling to Komodo Island, you will not want to miss the beauty of the islands and that means you have to be on the boat for a long time, about eight hours maybe. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared.
  • The third tip is bring the appropriate clothes. This one is something that many travelers missed. You need to realize that Indonesia is a country of humbleness and politeness, including on this island. That means you will need to dress politely when you meet with the locals. Even though you do not have to wear the long shirt and pants, at least you are not showing your body parts that much when you have to communicate with the locals.
  • The last tip that you need to do is bring your money in Rupiah only. Yes, this is something that you have to do if you want to have a nice travel to this island. That is because the locals will not take anything but Rupiah, the Indonesian currency. Therefore, you need to prepare your money or you will not be able to do many things in this island.

Those are some simple tips that you can try if you are interested in traveling to this amazing island of Komodo. For your last consideration, you might want to try hiking to the top of Kelimutu Mountain too. That is because on the top you will find another wonder of nature that you cannot find in many other places in this world, three different lakes with three different colors.