4 unique leaving gifts for him

4 unique leaving gifts for him

So your guy best bud might just be moving away from town to relocate to a new country with his family and you want to give him something to remember you by since you’re not quite sure when and if you’ll ever see each other again. Separation from your best friend can really be a heavy thing to deal with. Sure, there’s Face book and Skype but nothing really beats personally seeing each other.

So while it might take a long time for you guys to see each other again, a parting gift would be appropriate for that situation. You want to give him something unique yet functional, something that isn’t commonly given as gifts. Well, Luckies may have a solution for that, they offer a lot of unique trinkets for you to choose from so you can find at least 4 unique leaving gifts for him to remember you by.

Keep your memories together

 What better way to give him something to remember your friendship by than giving him a memory box filled with all of your memories and adventures together neatly arranged inside with a lot of containers and separators? For just £25.00, you can give him a lifetime’s worth full of memories together all neatly arranged inside a cool vintage looking hand crafted box. Keep your memories safe and arranged starting from your early years up to the time where he’s about to leave. With the memory box, surely he’s never going to forget a once in a lifetime friend like you.

Jot down every new adventure

 Surely there will be a lot of side trips he and his family will go to before arriving at their destination, what better way for him to write down all of his new adventures than with an Adventure Journal. It comes with 8 mini scratch map pages for him to scratch off every new place he’s been to as well as over 300 unique and very out of the ordinary bucket list ideas for him to try and accomplish, and for only £18.95 too! Make him list down all his new adventures as well as all the new things he’s checked off the bucket list so when you see each other again, you’ll have a lot to talk about.

Travelling isn’t complete without a map

 Of course what would travelling to a new country be without a map? Probably one of the most fitting gifts you can give to your best bud when he relocates to a new country is the Original Scratch Map® wherein he can place it in his new room when he arrives in their new house alongside the other gifts you’ve given him. The scratch map lets him mark down all the places he’s been to simply by removing the top gold foil layer and revealing a more vibrant colored and detailed location of all the places he’s been to and for only £18.95, he’ll have a beautiful piece on his new wall as well as something to inspire him to take on new adventures too!

 Something to keep him company during long flights

 Of course travelling on an international flight can become boring, what better way than to give your friend something that will help him ease the boredom of doing nothing during the long trip such as the Magni-Viewer™, a smart phone magnifier that really made for travelling. The Magni-Viewer™ lets your friend watch movies or read e-books on his phone without letting him stress his eyes trying to read the small letters from the e-book or watch the movie. For only £21.95, you could help your friend save himself from boredom as well save his eyes from getting too stressed as well.

https://www.luckies.co.uk/ will surely make your friend feel very special as well as make him feel like he’s home wherever he is when he sees your gifts and remembers you and all the memories you’ve both spent together. Although you’ll both be miles apart, at least somehow, with the gifts that you’ll give him, you’ll still be together.