The popular egg fishing sinker

The popular egg fishing sinker

Fishing sinkers are required to take the bait down the water, so sinkers are quite important for fishing. The sinkers come in different shapes and sizes and are varied according to their weight. Most of these sinkers are made up of lead, which is like an inexpensive material. The lead is melted and then poured in the mold that is used for the sinker. Most of the people have now stopped using led for making sinkers as they are harmful for the animals, so tin, alloy and steel are now used for making these fishing sinkers.

An ideal material for all the fishing sinkers is the one which is environment friendly, is dense as well as cheap. It is necessary for the material to be dense as weights have to be small so that wish cannot view the fishing operation. The most popular and old sinker is the egg sinker, the egg fishing sinkers are used for bottom fishing, they are round and egg shaped. These egg fishing sinkers have hole in the middle through which the fishing line is passed. This sinker is great for fishing in high currents as it easily slips through the rocks, without any difficulty and is ideal for catfish.

Egg fishing sinkers

Features and benefits of egg sinkers

  • These sinkers are oblong in shape, so they easily slip through the rocks and weeds.
  • They have a huge centre hole that is quite smooth which allows the fishing line to move easily.
  • The fish cannot know the weight of the sinker.

Tips for fishing with egg sinkers

  • While fishing in rivers or in streams, one should always fish where there is current as these egg sinkers are best for high currents.
  • While fishing with egg sinkers, try fishing near the weed edges, rocks and fallen trees as fishes are usually found near these structures.

Egg fishing sinkers can be bought from a fishing equipment shop or online from one online shopping site like eBay and amazon. Being the most popular and old sinkers these egg shaped sinkers are bought quite frequently by people online who are into everyday fishing. The egg sinkers are now days made up of environment friendly material like steel so that lead doesn’t enter water and harm the water creatures. Egg sinker being the most popular is made up of a number of environment friendly materials because of its high demand.