Motorcycle Camping – Go for light weight camping tents

Motorcycle Camping – Go for light weight camping tents

Traveling is a hobby for some one where as adventure for others. People who love traveling generally love to travel for long distance. They like to go away from the current pollution of the city.They known how fun it is to travel by a motorcycle.You can enjoy the weather and the scenery while traveling. They help us in freshening our mind, body and soul.  At the same time traveling for long distance by motorcycle weights become a problem.  You should carry various kinds in your luggage. Pair of shoes, few clothes, medication, some eatables and last but not least tent. Apart these some of our favorite time passes like books and music instruments. Now combining these all become a weight on our motorcycle. Traveling with such a weight causes discomfort. So, it is best to chose the items which are lightweight and comfortable. Check out the Source:  

The first choice to be made between heavy waited tent or light weighted tent. Purchasing a tent is the most tedious part while getting ready for travel. They are the most expensive thing to get. Though heavy weight tent is suitable for all weather conditions it is not suggestable to chose this while traveling on motorcycle; especially if you are new travelers or beginner. So it is always suggested that if you are not traveling with a family or if you are traveling with 2 to 3 people always go for light weight tent.

The following are various kinds of light weight tents available and their description

Different types of light weight tents

Ridge tent will have a horizontal pole going across the top. The upright poles that support it may be a single upright pole. Ridge tents are made of a lightweight nylon material. Due to this they can be folded and easily fitted in the back pack. These tents are sufficient up to3 person.

Bell Tent has a single upright pole in the center of the tent, and is then guyed out from it. There are very few lightweight bell tents available. Now a day bell tents are made up of canvas which shifted them in to heavy weight category.

Dome tent are made up of light weight material rather than canvas. This tent will have bubble design and help in shedding water and sustaining for wind. Hoops are placed across the tent in different direction.

Hoop tent are suitable for 2 people. This tent is a combination of tunnel and rigid tent with single hoop at entrance. It is very spacious and provides easy movement space. Learn more about the best tents here, Source:

Above are the various types of tents that are available in lightweight category.  Basing on the place that you are planning to visit and number of people accommodating in tent will help you in deciding the model of the tent needed. So, what are you still waiting for? Don’t get hung up on weight when going motorcycle camping – go for light weight camping tents!