Exciting Holiday Events and Muay Thai

Exciting Holiday Events and Muay Thai

Looking for what to do this holiday season? How about a tour of Asian Countries to learn about their culture and sporting practices? One country you can tour the coming festive season is the land of smiles or Thailand. Located on the Southeastern side of Asia, Thailand is a country blessed with various beaches and Islands. Each of the Islands is a great place to tour this holiday to learn about the cultural practices and sporting activities of the people of Thailand.

Right from the Capital city Bangkok to the last Island you tour in Thailand, you will meet several exciting people with unique practices that will amaze you over your holiday. Some of the best unique cultural practices and sporting activities for the people of Thailand include the following.

The Bo Sang Umbrella Fair

Over the first month of the year, make sure you are in Thailand to enjoy this exciting festival which is held over the month of January and attracts various locals and international guests. The event features the traditional cultural performances by the people of Thailand which includes stalls that sell the traditional paper umbrellas hence the name Umbrella fair. These celebrations are held in Chiang Mai a city in the Northern region of Thailand. It is usually a 3-day event, and the next one in 2018 will be held in the 3rd weekend of January and specifically from 19th January to 21st January 2018. Therefore, you can book a convenient hotel on time for the event that attracts thousands of visitors each year. It is actually a good way to end the long holiday in style.

Bangkok International Film Festivals

This is another exciting event you should attend over the holidays in Thailand. It is an annual event that is held every first month of the year. The event attracts filming artists from, all over the world and therefore it’s such a big event that you can’t afford to miss. The main activity that is featured at the event is competition by the film producers in South East Asian countries. There are thousands of international visitors that attend this event annually. Jazz concerts will also be featured at the event therefore if you love Jazz then this is an exciting holiday plan for you.

Boat Racing in Thailand

Locally known as Kaeng Ruer, this is a sporting activity that is originally associated with the Ayutthaya period. Amazingly, the sport is common up to date. These races are commonly held in September to November and therefore ideal for people on early holidays. However, you can still enjoy special tourist edition of the sport with special arrangement with your trip manager.

Muay Thai

Many local people refer to it as Thai Boxing since it originated in Thailand. This sport attracts many people who travel to learn at the training camps that are on various islands including around the capital city. Many people are happy by Muay Thai boxing camp . For your holiday, you can book a special training in one of the camps where you will get to practice and enjoy. This is a good holiday sport to keep fit.

Thailand is indeed the land of smiles with a lot to offer the local and international tourists over the holidays.