Driving Tips for Foreigners Visiting Parramatta

Driving Tips for Foreigners Visiting Parramatta

Parramatta is one of the most famous Australian suburbs as well as the third most populous in the whole country. Traveling in the area can be quite challenging since there are many areas that are crowded by people. However, the challenge gets even tougher if you are from another country. As a foreigner going there for Parramatta accommodation, you can expect some differences in driving, which is why it is vital to be extra careful when driving around the city for the first time.

 Parramatta is one of the most visited cities in Australia because of the tourist destinations it offers as well as its unique culture. As it is, it is not surprising that many foreign visitors flock particular areas in the city. Tourists renting vehicles to go to different places in the city is not uncommon. Hence, if you are planning to drive in Parramatta as a tourist, you will not feel weird because there are a lot of tourists do the same. However, you must remember that you are driving in a foreign and new place, which is why safety must be prioritized at all cost.

The traffic authorities are very particular and strict when it comes to implementing traffic rules in order to protect and uphold the safety of citizens. Basically, according to the government, the following are the fundamentals of its road rules:

  • You must give way to the right at unsigned cross intersections
  • You must abide by traffic signs, lights and road markings
  • You must obey the speed limit
  • A ‘stop’ sign means that all wheels of your vehicle must come to a complete halt
  • You cannot make a U-turn at a set of traffic lights, unless a sign states you can

Although these rules are quite general, they tackle the main concepts of the rules. In order to be more familiar with the traffic rules implemented in Parramatta, it is wise to do some further reading. You may also take online quiz that would test your knowledge on traffic rules in the city.

Driving etiquette in Parramatta

Aside from observing implemented traffic rules, it is your duty as a tourist to follow certain driving etiquette. Although some of these etiquettes are not technically rules, it would be wiser to abide by them to become a better and safer motorist. Some of the driving etiquettes you would want to follow include the following:

Ready some change – Some highways and roads in Queensland are tollways, which is why you have to keep some change with you. It is advisable to ready some change prior to operating your vehicle so you would not have a hard time finding some when you enter a toll way. Doing this will help you save time.

Take note of line marking Parramatta – Roads in Parramatta are marked with lines to guide drivers. You would want to observe the line marking Parramatta to avoid getting involved in an accident. Native Parramatta drivers are quite particular when it comes to line marking, which it should be natural for tourist drivers to do the same.

Do not text while driving – Avoid using your cell phone while behind the wheel. Distracted driving is one of the main reasons for road accidents in Queensland. Using your cell phone while driving increases your chances of getting involved in an accident, which is why it is vital to focus on driving rather than texting or calling.

When visiting the place for Parramatta accommodation, do what Parramatta natives do. Respect the traffic rules at all times, and follow driving etiquettes, even the simple ones like observing line marking Parramatta.