Gettysburg Travel Planning: Everything You Need To Know

Gettysburg Travel Planning: Everything You Need To Know

When planning a visit to the historic town of Gettysburg details are important. You don’t want to waste any time if you want to see everything the town has to offer. Going on an impromptu trip isn’t the best. Here’s the best way to schedule your vacation:

Best Time To Go

Before booking a ticket or a road trip to see the different Gettysburg attractions, knowing the best time to visit should be first on your agenda. Generally, the town is best known for its Civil War reenactments so going there on the anniversary of the war, July 1 – 3 is the best way to experience the town. Experiencing Independence Day in Gettysburg is also a something short of marvelous so you might consider spending your 4th of July weekend in town.

For those who want to avoid the crowds on those specific peak days, here’s what you need to know about visiting the town during the different seasons:

Summer Months – Gettysburg is very humid and hot, but there are occasional thunderstorms. Check out local forecasts before heading out.

Fall and Spring Months – These are the best months to visit because the town is very cool and pleasant, best for outdoor explorations.

Winter Months – Some parks are closed during this season, and so are some attractions due to weather constraints.

Plan your visit and dress appropriately to fully enjoy your trip.

Things To Do

Fill your itinerary with these must visit places in Gettysburg, PA:

1. National Park Service Museum And Visitor Center

The best place to start off your tour of the town is here. You can get all the local information, park tours, and a tour of the museum that includes every detail of the Civil War in this first stop. For locals, the visitor center is full of useful information you can use during your entire trip.

2. Gettysburg Museum of History

After your first museum visit, head on the Gettysburg Museum of History, it is free after all. The private museum is home to an extensive private collection of memorabilia and artifacts from WWI all the way to present day pop culture. It’s a mixed bag of educational trivia and so much more!

3. Soldiers’ National Cemetery

Pay homage to the brave soldiers from all the different wars by visiting this cemetery. A nice walk outdoors will heighten your sense of patriotism.

Important Things To Know

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone who visits the different Gettysburg attractions, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Operating Hours – Whether you are visiting a museum or joining a tour, note the hours of operation ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Watch For Ticks – As a safety precaution, bringing insect repellent is a must for those planning to walk in areas with brush and tall grasses. Ticks are dangerous so be prepared!

Learn Park Policies – Whether it is for firearm possession or bringing of pets, every place has their own rules. Check the different policies before heading over so that you won’t get turned away.

Avoid disappointments and a bad vacation and get to experience all the Gettysburg attractions by going in prepared.
Looking for the best Gettysburg attractions? Visit the Gettysburg Museum of History where you will be able to see over 4,000 artifacts.