You just had your long-running dream of spending a summer holiday in a scenic city far awayfulfilled but unfortunately the fun is cut short with a food borne illness or similar debilitating illness. You feel awful and want to file a claim for a holiday sickness but wondering how to go about this. There are some things to bear in mind, however. The amount of compensation liable to you for a holiday sickness is normally hinged on some factors such as the severity of the illness and the detriments you have suffered because of same. Here are some things to consider when hiring a holiday sickness solicitor should you come down with an illness on your vacation or trip.

  1. Experience

A great holiday sickness solicitor has the experience and thus knows the technicalities involved in filing a holiday sickness claim. He also understands the extent of severity the illness might have caused you. This will enhance the likelihood of a successful claim as well as make the whole process easier.


  1. How about charges?

Owing to the financial burden involved in filing a successful lawsuit, it will come in handy to know if your solicitor will agree to work with you on a contingent-free basis, thus you won’t have to worry about charges until your case is won. This is a vital quality as you are rest assured of a professional and top-notch commitment to your lawsuit. Hence, you should be apprehensive of holiday sickness solicitors who may want to charge you upfront, on hourly or daily basis as there’s a high tendency your case may not be given the desired professional commitment and you may end up losing the case haven spent a lot on it.

  1. Specialization

Since there are different causes of a holiday sickness, it is essential to know if your intended solicitor is specialized enough to handle your case. Ask to know about this and his success rate in handling such cases. Although lawsuits generally are difficult to predict, a history of successful holiday sickness claims by your solicitor will build a level of confidence in you.

  1. Past reviews

As most top law firms are reviewed online based on client’s experience, you should also consider consulting the many resources available online about the potential firm’s viability and competence of its holiday sickness claim solicitors. If your solicitor has too many poor reviews, you may consider your options to forestall an unfulfilling experience.