How to Get Better Las Vegas Hotel Deals When Traveling Alone

How to Get Better Las Vegas Hotel Deals When Traveling Alone

You’ve heard the rumors: tourists can be a ripe pick for petty and violent criminals in the city. So is it safe for solo travelers, especially women? It turns out it is, and that’s not all: there are many ways on how to score Better Las Vegas hotel deals.

A Few Notes When Traveling Alone

As a prime tourist spot, Las Vegas is a haven for criminals, and some parts are truly considered seedier than the others. How do you keep yourself safe while here?

• Know when to travel. Every day of the years is always a good time to be in Las Vegas, but if you’re thinking of safety and comfort, you might want to pick dates that are closer to the public holidays including Christmas and Memorial Day weekends. Around this time, tourists will be coming in, and the feeling of being in the crowd may improve your security. Furthermore, although the prices are still higher than on regular days due to the increased demand, they are not as exorbitant as a day or two before these holidays.

• Stick with those near or within the tourist spots. There are a lot of benefits for this. For one, again, the crowd will make you feel safer. Further, as a tourist destination, public security is more often than not high here. It’s easier for you to request assistance or any kind of help.

Having Better Las Vegas Hotel Deals

Now, let’s try to combine safety and price. How can you feel secure as a solo traveler while paying less during your stay? After all, Las Vegas isn’t exactly the cheapest city in the country or even the entire world. Here are some ideas for you:

1. Try business hotels.

Here’s why: one of the most common solo travelers are business people. Moreover, staying here allows you to relax while still able to do your work. They have corporate facilities such as fax, your room has a high-speed Internet, and there’s even a meeting room in case you want to use your down time to snag a good sale. Of course, all the leisure amenities are available at your convenience. Plus, these hotels are considerably cheaper than casino hotels.

2. Get the deluxe room.

When you’re traveling alone, you don’t need a lot of space, which is good since this gives you a chance to stay in a fancy hotel at a very cheap price. Many deluxe rooms in the Strip are less than $170. Still expensive, but hey, just note what you’re going to get in turn.

3. View the offers.

All hotels have offers, and sometimes all it needs is a call in case you don’t know anything about it. How do you get better Las Vegas hotel deals in this manner? Normally, these offers are for group travelers such as couples and families. But you can get discounts on services such as a spa or a round-trip airport transfer.

Traveling solo doesn’t have to be difficult in the pocket. These three tips should help you save and still not miss out on the best things Las Vegas can offer.
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