Irish Bucket List: 5 Must-Do Activities While Visiting Ireland

Irish Bucket List: 5 Must-Do Activities While Visiting Ireland

Ireland is a country of beautiful contrast, where the charming cottages and lush hills coexist with the bustling cities and awesome nightlife. Everyone who has ever visited the Emerald Isle is left in awe by the warm hospitality, delicious food, and captivating landscapes, and you will certainly not be an exception! If you plan on visiting Ireland soon, here are 5 essential activities you simply can’t miss during your visit.

Visit the Cliffs of Moher

If you went to Ireland and didn’t visit the famous Cliffs of Moher, consider that you have never been to the Emerald Isle. The breathtaking beauty of these cliffs makes them one of Ireland’s most iconic natural wonders and a must-visit for any tourist. Towering over 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean along the Wild Atlantic Way, these cliffs offer panoramic views that will leave you speechless and look especially great when the sun sets.

Try Traditional Food

Irish cuisine might not be as well-known as the French or Italian one, yet it still has a lot of diverse flavors that you will be delighted to try out. Ireland is an island, which means that it has it all: from freshly caught seafood and hearty stews to artisanal cheeses and creamy pints of Guinness, the delicious food of this country is a feast for anyone’s senses. Some must-try foods are the iconic Irish soda bread, the Irish breakfast, corned beef, and the famous Irish stew.

Giant’s Causeway

Get an Aran Sweater

When thinking of Ireland, the Aran sweater is definitely one of the first things that comes to mind, no matter how interested in fashion you are. These garments originated from the Aran Islands, thus the name, and were initially created for the local fishermen that needed a durable and warm sweater for when they went fishing in the sea. Over time, men’s Aran sweaters became an important export for the country and a real staple in any gentleman’s wardrobe, no matter where he is from.

Go to a Pub

No trip to Ireland is complete without visiting a vibrant pub and having a glass of Guinness. The vibrant pub culture has long become a synonym for the country, and from crowded city pubs to tiny village taverns, these places serve as more than just to enjoy a pint: they are a place of storytelling, live music, and friendship. If you are a solo traveler or you are looking to make friends while in Ireland, you can easily strike up a conversation with the locals at the pub.

Marvel at the Book of Kells

Although many of the Irish beauties are located outside the big cities, Dublin still has a lot to offer, particularly one of the greatest treasures of the whole Irish nation: the Book of Kells. Located in the walls of the famous Trinity College Dublin, this illuminated manuscript is a masterpiece of medieval artistry and craftsmanship. Dating back to the 9th century, the Book of Kells is renowned for its intricate illustrations, vibrant colors, and rich symbolism, making it one of the most important artifacts not only of Ireand, but of the whole Western civilization too.