Making train trips memorable

Making train trips memorable

There are several ways of travelling from one city to another in India. If you have lived in India for long, you will choose train journeys over bus or planes, simply because of the exciting adventure it has to offer. Train journeys are always memorable because it connects you to your Indian roots. It takes you through different cities, shows you a glimpse of the natural beauty the country beholds, and takes you through different cultural experiences. You also get to mingle with many people from various ethnic backgrounds.

There are many cities that you one can visit in train, across India. There are trains that travel all the way from north to south with many stops in between.  It is has the longest route and it is between Dibrugarh and Kanyakumari with a total of 56 stops. It takes about 82 hours, i.e., close to 3 and a half days to complete this journey. If you want to experience travelling through trains, a long journey will expose you to different cities where the tracks are laid. With each stop, you will learn something or the other from the fellow passengers who board or leave. You can even carry a camera to record these memories.

                If you are a travel enthusiast, you can even try travelling to different cities in different types of trains. There are trains which are superfast like the Rajdhani express or Shatapdi express, and then there are trains that offer different amenities, such as food delivery in trainAC compartments, etc. Some trains even offer luxurious facilities as part of tour to some cities of India. One of the few examples are the Maharaja’s express that has its name under top 5 luxurious trains in the world, has stocked bars, lavish suites, and even services of a butler for its passengers. Royal Rajasthan, Palace on wheels, Deccan odyssey and even golden chariot which was awarded as “Asia’s leading luxury train” are some other examples. They all take you to different tourist cities of India and offer world-class amenities such as mini gym, spa, lounges, conference car, luxurious cabins f]decorated by beautiful paintings, etc. It may seem expensive but passengers have agreed that the journey has been worth every penny. Hence, save up to travel in a luxury train at least once in your lifetime.

The people you travel with make the best company in a train. Despite a train journey being short or long, some of the best memories you would have is of some interesting conversations you have with the other passengers. You learn many things regarding their personal lives, their likes and dislikes and in the process build a bond of friendship. You may never see them again, but may be in every train journey you take, discover someone like them in a different form, a different city to make a new bond, a new connection.

Train journeys are all about making your trip memorable. So, enjoy the travel and cherish those moments to make you feel one with your country. Discover Incredible India through Trains.