Never Do These Costly Mistakes When You Rent a Car Bucuresti

Many would drive rental cars in Bucuresti because they are very convenient. While renting cars are convenient, the costs associated are frequently confusing. So, to avoid costly mistakes once you rent a car Bucuresti, keep these following in mind:

Not Shopping Around

The rates of car rentals may differ depending on the lead time amount and company, so it is important to shop around rather than rushing things. Several websites online enable you to compare shop between the rental companies and search coupons. If you are planning to drive for a long distance, know the mileage caps. Numerous rental companies provide unlimited miles for car rental period, which allows you to drive the car as much as you like without facing some extra charges.

Prepaying for the Gas

It might seem convenient, yet it means you will pay for a gas even though you return with the car’s tank half full. It is much better to fill up yourself since you can typically find inexpensive gas prices at the nearby station. Yet, never forget to fill it up for the reason that the cost to do so after the drop-off could be a total rip-off. See to it to top off the gas since several companies would charge you even though gas gauge is the hair away from where it must be.

Paying Extra for Car Seats and GPS

Rental car companies will charge you extra for the accessories like child car seats or GPS. So, instead of paying extra, take advantage of the resources you have. You can use your smartphone if possible or print some directions with the use of the free business center of the hotel. If you own a portable GPS, you can pack it in your things and use your trip. There are also car rental providers who offer extra car seats for free.

Returning to the Car Late

Almost all car rental companies charge rates every day based on the 24-hour period. While several might provide you a twenty-nine minute grace period, you might be charged late fees or for full extra once you return the car late. So, make sure to take note of the schedule of your rental period and return the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid paying the extra fee.

Rushing the Inspection of the Vehicle

Inspect your preferred rental car in a thorough manner before driving away. Otherwise, you could be charged for the damage you did not cause. Some rental vehicles are meticulously maintained, yet the damages like dents or scratches on the body or stains, spills or tears in the car’s interior may go unnoticed. Once you see any damage, wear or defect during an inspection, see to it that you make the rental company aware or you’ll end up paying for that. If a particular damage isn’t noted on the car condition, inform rental car companies.

Knowing how to avoid those costly mistakes when you rent a car Bucuresti will surely help you save more time and money. For additional information, please click here.

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