Railway journeys: Bringing back memories

Railway journeys: Bringing back memories

Everyone in their lifetime has once travelled via the railroads and enjoyed every bit of the ride. The said journey can be an eyeopener and often helps clear minds and enhance perspective on life. People in the creative line of work usually take train journeys to get enlightened and gather inspiration for their work. Filmmakers, photographers, artists and writers all have drawn brilliant insights from what the railways have to offer and have featured it in their creations.

The railway in India is stupendously huge. Annually they carry over eight billion passengers and nearly a billion ton of freight. Its network of tracks is like a massive spider web spread all across the country, covering every small town and village. As much as air travel’s convenience is unquestioned, and now with over 87 destinations covered; it yet fails to reach into rural and difficult parts of the country.  The railroads find its way to places like the tea estates of Assam, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, the perilous mountains and terrain of Jammu and Kashmir and the many historical and cultural towns of India.

South India, one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse parts of the country; it is home to one of the largest areas of forest cover in the country. It is also very tropical, with subliminally warm weather all year round. Visiting it can make for an experience that will blow your mind away. The trains in this part are operated and maintained by the Southern Railways.

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Some tours and journeys that are renowned for exploring the beauty of the South are:

  • Ratnagiri-Mangalore Express: If the ideal train journey consisted of breathtaking views and fresh air all around, this would be it. The ride from Ratnagiri to Mangalore passes through the Western Ghats, dense and luscious forests, deep tunnels and tall river bridges to give a mesmerising experience to passengers.
  • Tamil Nadu Express: The most enchanting aspect about this train ride is that it passes over the second longest bridge of India and the Palk Strait all the way to Pamban Island. The train goes over a stretch of ocean, which oozes calm and tranquillity. No other railroad can boast of such a serene episode of train rides.
  • Golden Chariot: This is the premier luxury train of India, which has dethroned the Palace on Wheels. This Bangalore to Goa journey has many sojourns all across Karnataka. It takes seven days to complete the journey. The trains run overnight so that in the daytime one can enjoy sights such as the Kabini wildlife sanctuary, Hampi and Badami, and many more.

South India is filled with lush forests, a host of deep valleys and hills, waterfalls and pristine beaches. Reading this one should get on packing their bags and booking a ticket straight away. One can find information on suitable timings, train details, expected train delays, ticket availability and much more on various travel websites. Some even bundle in hotel reservations for a more relaxing experience.

India should be the premier destination for making train journeys and its rich culture and heritage combined with a wide variety of flora and fauna make it an ideal place to evoke the inner voyager inside everyone.