The Most Recommended Private Pool Villas in Phuketwith Ocean View

The Most Recommended Private Pool Villas in Phuketwith Ocean View

A guideline for new traveller

Phuket beach attract a lot of visitor around the world. It has a treasure of beautiful sunrise and sunset scenery, in white sand and blue ocean water, combine with underwater heritage of colorful coral reef make it become one of the most visited international tourist destination. In the northwestern area, there is a peaceful forest garden surrounding by local villas and residence. Among that, one of the best Private Pool Villas in Phuket, Trisara, offers you varieties of villas with ocean view pool.

Junior Suite with Ocean View Pool

This is the best option for couple. This Private Pool Villas in Phuket has one bedroom with one oversized king bed, one bathroom and one living room. A private pool located right in front of your door, where you can swim anytime you want. A pavilion nearby the swimming pool for a chit chat is design with an open space concept.

Residential Villas

For a group of people or a family, it is recommended to have this type of residence. One villa is built with 2 bedrooms until 8 bedrooms. The Private Pool Villas in Phuket with 2 bedrooms villa equipped with one living room, one kitchen, one pavilion and one private pool. All the villas has their own private pool which is benefited you to enjoy your private moment with your peer.

The residence is surrounding with forest garden, and open space pavilion concept. The yard could be used for a special event such as for a pre-wedding photography, reunion gathering, private party, or barbeque dining event.

Residence with 4 bedrooms up to 8 bedrooms has 2 level floors, with one swimming pool in each level. Those two levels are connected with one private elevator. Pavilion and living room space are design in open space concept which is suitable to enjoy your private moment in a peaceful forest garden and fresh sea wind.

Jara Spa and Culinary Food

This luxury villa offers you a traditional spa and traditional Thai cuisine. A traditional spa, called Jara Spa, has 5 pillars of philosophy; Root, Branch, Trunk, Blossom and Spirituality. It is served by a traditional message therapy for a relaxation and recovery of your spirit.

Traditional Thai cuisine served in Trisara and the preference menu is seafood, which is freshly taken from the fisheries at Andaman Sea. It is cooked with the traditional ingredients and traditional “mama” recipes. Interesting breakfast menu with an ocean view breakfast venue is really interesting. You can also enjoy Sunday brunch menu with jazz music and your favorite song.  For a dinner party, there is an option of barbeque dining set upon request. Barbeque party can be set in your private beach, especially for a New Year party, birthday party, wedding, etc.