Ultimate High: A Fly With a Fighter Pilot Experience

Ultimate High: A Fly With a Fighter Pilot Experience

Since 2001, the Ultimate High is a leading professional provider of hands-on aerobatic flight experience. If you want to feel the adrenaline rush of flying with a fighter pilot, then this is your chance to have a once in a lifetime experience for either corporate or individual event. They are one of the top flight safety and aerobatics training schools all over Europe.

            Now, you can have a fly a plane experience  with your ex-military instructor while you will learn how to fly like a professional fighter pilot using the T67 Firefly ex-military training aircraft. You can start by flying a different variety of aerobatic figures with gentle loops and rolls. Then you can take it up a notch by learning how to do a loop, aileron roll, stall turn, barrel roll, Cuban 8, slow roll, vertical roll, and so much more. You are the boss here. You can choose how far you want to push your boundaries since the flight is tailored for you.

Fly with a Fighter Pilot Packages

            Here you would be wearing a high-quality military flying suit. There will be a brief briefing where you will be taught how to fly aerobatics on your own, with the assistance of the pilot, and also a detailed safety or parachute briefing. When you are on the aircraft, you will be using a strap on a parachute, taught about the cockpit controls and also another safety briefing. During the flight, you will experience the rush of the takeoff and have a chance to get to know the airplane. There will be a quick introduction to the effects of controls, like how to turn, climb and descend.

            You will also be taught about the beginner and intermediate maneuvers of aerobatics which will be demonstrated by your instructor. Then you will have a chance to personally fly the airplane, learning the different types of maneuvers mentioned above like the loop, aileron roll, stall turn, and so much more.

            The debrief will follow with your instructor, which will include the amount of gravity pulled. You will also be given a certificate. And the best thing is, you will be given an opportunity to purchase a video of your flight.

The Fly with a Fighter Pilot Packages

            The “Fly with a Fighter Pilot” has two options for different package prices. A weekday fly and a Saturday fly.

  • Fly with a Fighter Pilot (Weekday). £299.00
  • Fly with a Fighter Pilot (Saturday). £349.00

You will have a chance to fly a T67 Firefly. The duration will usually take 2 to 3 hours with 35 minutes airborne experience, and 30 minutes briefing. The flights are available all year round except during bank holidays and Sundays.

The Fly with a Fighter Pilot fly a plane experience is one of the best of Ultimate High offers. Aside from that you can have the ultimate flying experience with their Top Gun Combat, Utter Nutter Flight, Ultimate Aerobatics, Love is in the Air and they also have Air Combat Programme. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on the chance to experience the thrill and excitement!