What is Delayed Flight Compensation?

What is Delayed Flight Compensation?

Sometimes everythingcan go wrong and it happensjust as much to the transportation industry. Most of us know that flight schedules are mostly always on time. However, we cannot be too surethat there will be no problem as they do occur. A problemwith the delayed flight is a normal thing to happen. What should you do when your flightgets delayed? Getting compensation is the main thing you should do. Before you try to get the compensation, you should know the meaning behind delayed flight compensation.

Delayed flight compensation is a kind of compensation which is given to the flight passengers by the airline’s company due to thedelaying schedule of their flight. The airline should provide food and drink until you get your flight or give your money back. There are many kinds of delayed flight, for example, the overnight delays. For this kind of delay, the airline cannot only give passengers the food and drink but also should provide hotel accommodation and transportation. In addition, the last thing that the airlines should do is to deliverthe passengers back home, if needed.

In this case, the airlines may get a problem in booking hotels, so that you can make your own arrangements and get the claim of the expenditure. Do not expect too much from this claiming though because you will not get the full refund for the expensive hotels, except when there are no other hotels. So how much compensation will you get? If you get three hours or more delays, you can get €250 for short flights and €400 for a flight with 1,500 to 3,500 km, but for the further distance flights, you will receive €300 for 3-4 hours delay and €600 for more than four hours.

The rule of getting this compensation are when the delays are caused by the technical problems like a component failure and broken engine. Before you apply the compensation, you should note many things to consider and try to get the best way you can do on getting it. Well, the great communication between the passengers and the airlines should be good and synergic. Therefore, there will be no misunderstanding between the passengers and the airlines as long as the airlines give the passengers’ right. At least giving the passengers food and drink is enough to control the situation.