Muay Thai and Extraordinary Holiday

Muay Thai and Extraordinary Holiday

There are more tourists that you may think choosing Thailand as their dream travel destination. This place has a mythical status that only a few Asian countries can match. Still, Thailand remains as a unique and exotic piece of land in the Far East. How about enjoying your upcoming holiday in this marvelous place?

There are many wonderful things to enjoy in Thailand. More than one beach or island will remain in your memory as an unbeatable experience. Also, this country offers a health-friendly side for those who care the most.

In the following lines, we will try to condense why you should choose Thailand as your travel destination for the upcoming holiday. Now pay attention.

The Most Beautiful Places in Thailand

We would need entire books to describe the extraordinary places we can find in Thailand. Nevertheless, we’ll make a big effort to condense those landmarks in the following lines.

Fortunately, the Internet is abundant in information and you can always be up-to-date, gathering interesting facts before deciding what to visit. For your upcoming holiday travel, this is what we recommend you:

–   Ko Samet: This is a stunning island you will never forget. It’s located in the eastern region of the country and counts with 13 square kilometers of beautiful land for everyone to enjoy.

–   Karon Beach: On the other side of Thailand, this astonishing beach baths both tourists and locals with its turquoise waters. It’s recommended for those who love peace because it remains quiet even during the tourism season.

–   Wat Chedi Luang: A fantastic temple from the 15th century with a famous pillar that has a mystic purpose: defending the city from its enemies.

–   Tiger Temple: The celebrated Buddhist temple is located in the northeast of Krabi province. It is spectacularly built and only a few religious structures in the East are capable of overcoming it.

–   Sanctuary of Truth: If you’re one of those who enjoying detailed pieces of art, you will love this place. This is complex completely made by hand-hewn wood carvings.

–   Wat Chaiwatthararam: One of the most ancient Buddhist temples in Thailand, made of different materials in each level.

The Living Experience

The places above represent a few of the many extraordinary places to visit in Thailand. But this country is much more. We must mention its fantastic cuisine. Thai food is known for its taste and for being health-friendly. In fact, many people use it for weight loss because it heavily combines seafood and vegetables.

For the tourists who want to upgrade their experience and return home with renovated health and fitness conditions, Thailand offers Muay Thai. This martial art is taught in training camps all over the territory. Any foreign can sign up at Suwit Muay Thai training camp in Thailand @ Phuket and train with the very best in the world during the holiday travel.

This is amazing for weight loss and overall health. Muay Thai training is demanding but flexible. That’s why many people are joining the trend, especially when visiting Thailand.